Trends and transformations

Over the last year, the Solferino Academy consulted with over 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies and external experts. These consultations included  futures workshops, online gaming simulations as well as research and horizon scanning. The results were grouped into the following futures thematic areas and represent our first level findings. Click on each icon to explore the trend and transformation. Let us know your thoughts underneath the articles.

Future of Financing

The gap between humanitarian and development needs and financing is growing, yet largely we still rely on just a few traditional sources of funding. How do we mobilize alternate sources of capital to support communities?

Emerging Technology

The technological revolution is dramatically changing how we live and work. How do we support communities to take advantage of these opportunities and invest in these rapid changes to enhance the effectiveness of our work?

Conflict and poverty

Extreme poverty in the world will increasingly be concentrated in countries experiencing conflict and fragility. How do we better structure ourselves to respond?

Power and governance

Shifting powers structures and increased skepticism is challenging institutions. How can the network continue to build trust against this backdrop?


Participation and engagement

The nature of volunteering is changing; communities are engaging with social, humanitarian, and development causes in new ways. How will we adapt to these new contexts to ensure we are able to mobilize communities and volunteers in the support of humanitarian and development causes?


Climate and disasters

Climate-related impacts are expected to intensify significantly in the coming years,  deepening struggles for many ‘already’ vulnerable communities. How will the already stretched humanitarian system be able to respond?

New communities and cities

Migration, urbanization, the youth bulge, ageing populations and, highly networked citizens are changing the make-up of society. How will National Societies engage with communities when the very nature of community is changing?

Future of work

Advances in technologies will result in workforce shifts and a youth bulge grappling with the lack of productive employment. How will the network respond to a falling ratio of employment to population and, support communities and young people to adapt to a new world of work?

Health of the Future

Increasing threats from pandemics, non-communicable diseases, environmental health and over-burdened health systems alongside persistent health challenges such as water and sanitation are stretching the system. How can we more effectively meet complex health crises?


What do you think of these trends and transformations, are there any missing that you think are important?

Which ones do you think are the most important?

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  1. Melisa Pasquali

    Liderazgo y democracia.
    Ante estas tendencias, que acuerdo son relevantes. Específicamente lo que refiere a las «nuevas formas» de hacer, de como se movilizan las poblaciones, como se compromete la gente y entender donde hoy en día están los recursos que necesitamos.
    Creo que para hacer frente y poder actualizarnos es necesario que el Movimiento tenga lideres comprometidos, no solo con la misión sino con cambiar, con la adaptación. La real democracia invita a la participación, debemos ser simples y modernos.
    Solo una pequeña reflexión.

  2. Florinda Herrera

    Muy interesante, los temas q se tuvieron en cuenta, acciones a futuro y las posibles actividades que a las que las sociedades de estar apuntando..

    En mi humilde opinión, creo que falta formar y fortalecer a los líderes quienes estos a su vez son la cabeza visible de las sociedades y seccionales, que con ayuda de ellos deben apuntar a acciones coherentes para poder darle respuesta 2030 a futuro.

    Todas son importantes pero debemos la aterrizamos
    Salud y futuro
    Climas y desastres
    Y la participación y compromiso


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