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There are significant changes occurring throughout the world and within the Humanitarian and Development sectors. The pace and the scope of this change are unprecedented. As such it is prudent to establish a strategic focus on how we can understand, anticipate and navigate the increasing complexity emerging from this change. But change is also about taking action now to get the future we want. Strategy 2030 is about is about giving everyone the ability to create, act upon, and be part of the emerging future – so that no one is left behind.

Thought pieces from around the network

Rethinking the future of volunteering?

Rethinking the future of volunteering?   Globally the Red Cross and Red Crescent have some 11-12 million volunteers. This number fluctuates somewhat depending on what disasters and crises may emerge on any given year, but regardless it is still a significant number of...

The backbone and the brain

The backbone and the brain Is it time to rethink the metaphors used to describe volunteers?   An article from the Red Cross Red Crescent magazine Volunteers are often called the ‘heart’ or the ‘backbone’ of the Movement because they have passion and they do most of...

A Defining Decade For Climate Action

A Defining Decade For Climate Action   Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our generation, its consequences at the heart of the Red Cross Red Crescent mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Climate-related disasters such as heatwaves,...

The Future of Work

The Future Of Work   The purpose of this note is to provide an overview of current thinking around the future of work for Strategy 2030 and understand its implications for IFRC. A lot has been written on the so-called fourth industrial revolution and the future of...

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