WhatFutures was an innovative forecasting game about the future of humanitarian need, played entirely through WhatsApp. It was played from September 14-24, 2017 around 120 counties with over 80k exchanged messages.

This game was created in collaboration with Open Lab at Newcastle University. Whatfutures was a digital engagement that secured diverse youth voices into Strategy 2030.

Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers chose between four different roles and worked in small teams to solve different challenges using creative multimedia tools. 

Youth volunteers solved the following quests:

1) Create a news story from 2030 about the biggest challenge facing your community.

2) Record a multimedia update from the field to update the Global Secretary-General on an innovative response the RCRC is doing in 2030.

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All the best responses were curated and condense in a futuristic newspaper from 2030. This experiential artifact was exhibited at the first humanitarian futures exhibition at the IFRC General Assembly in 2017.

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