Virtual climate Summit

Save the date 9-10 Sept

For everyone, everywhere

Come build the CLIMATE:RED summit programme with us!

This will be a crowdsourced programme – made by you, set by you, written by you. Read on to find out how to host your own session! 

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The Red Cross and Red Crescent will be running Climate:Red a fully virtual climate change summit on 9 – 10 September 2020.

Our network of 192 National Societies, 165,000 local branches and 14 million volunteers agreed that climate change is a critical challenge facing us in our Strategy 2030.

Climate change affects everyone, everywhere. Therefore, we will hold a summit where no country or person is excluded. This will be a summit with no flights. We will accommodate all time zones, it will run for 30 consecutive hours, so no one will miss out.

We believe that cost, location or connectivity should not stop anyone from joining conversations and taking action on one of the most important issues of the century. We will offer options for people with high and low-internet connectivity to participate fully. The summit will also be run in four languages; English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Most of all, we want to recreate the feel of a real in-person summit. A summit is not just about listening, but connecting and building new ideas and initiatives, and you will be able to do just that.

The summit will feature:
  • Plenaries from high level speakers on climate change;
  • Interactive Panel Discussions and workshops;
  • Coffee Chats – meet random people in the coffee room and exchange ideas and digital business cards;
  • Co-creation sessions – work in small workshops with other National Societies or teams to build new initiatives, or if you are a Branch join the ‘Branches Connect’ sessions to be virtually linked to other branches around the world to explore new projects;
  • Virtual Tours – National Societies and partners can host a virtual tour of their climate related projects for summit participants;
  • Innovation Pitch Tent – staff, volunteers and young people from National Societies will be able to submit innovative project ideas for climate initiatives. Finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas at a special pitch tent at the summit where judges and audiences will vote for the winning projects.  Winners will receive grant funding to help implement their projects;
  • Games – there will be some fun digital games to participate in before and during the summit.

Strategy 2030 and The Movement Ambitions to Address the Climate Crisis sets out our collective vision on how we intend to meet the challenge. Now we need to translate that vision into action.

We can’t wait to meet you there.

During the Climate:Red Summit, we aim to:


What is the RCRC doing on climate? And what more we need to do? 

These problem- and solution-oriented sessions will be based on experiences and lessons learned.


What can we share and give to others? How can we support volunteers and communities we work with to address climate risks? 

These sessions will focus on capacity building and awareness-raising.


How can our auxiliary role and partnerships help influence change and raise ambition globally?

Focus of these sessions will be on policy engagements and humanitarian diplomacy from local to global level.


What changes are needed in the ways we work? How can we be fit for a future in a changing climate?

In these sessions we will look at innovations, greening and organisational changes.

Themes will include for example
  • Climate-smart DRR (disaster risk reduction)
  • Forecast-based financing and EWEA (early warning early action)
  • Health
  • Climate-resilient livelihoods, food and agriculture security
  • Water resource management
  • Conflict
  • Climate displacement
  • Urban
  • Youth and volunteers
  • Private sector
  • Policy (global to local)
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Sustainability, greening, mitigation and environment
Types of sessions can be
  • Get inspired (ignite talks, panels, live Q&A with experts)
  • Joint problem solving (doctor-patient clinics, fishbowls, workshop-style settings)
  • Connect to Collaborate (informal and formal meetings with others from around the network to discuss developing new initiatives together)
  • Innovation Station (test and pitch new ideas)
  • Virtual tours (COVID-permitting)
Get creative when pitching the type of session you want to offer. We are open to your ideas!

Excited and ready to host your own session?

In the coming weeks, we will announce how you can apply to host a session at the Virtual Climate Summit, so you can already begin to plan yours.  We are particularly interested in highly creative and engaging virtual sessions.

To stay updated on Climate:Red Summit planning, to receive information on how to host sessions in the summit, or to contribute ideas for the summit join our mailing list by writing to [email protected].

“Strategy 2030 that we adopted together at our General Assembly in December, recognises the climate and environmental crises as key challenges that is shaping our work now and will continue to do so in the coming decade”

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