Research and Data Analysis Team

Undertake research, horizon scanning and data analysis on the future of

humanitarian need and the Red Cross and Red Crescent


We’re looking for National Society staff, volunteers, and students with a strong passion and experience in research, horizon scanning, data analysis and compelling writing. Specifically, you will be researching the trends, emerging issues and drivers of change of the future of the world and the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

As part of the S2030 team, you will play a crucial role in researching trends and scanning for emerging issues that are impacting humanity, issues of vulnerability and poverty as well as issues that might influence how the Red Cross and Red Crescent should be adapting to meet these new challenges and opportunities. This baseline data will form the basis of all consultations and will need to be analyzed and updated as we progress through.

As part of the team you will be part of a global network of researchers; Inform conversations on how Red Cross and Red Crescent may need to change to meet future needs and undertake deep dive into thematic issues with global and local impact.

The data and insights that you gather will be used to inform the new global strategy for the IFRC and its member National Societies.

What the role entails;

As a Research Associate with the Solferino Academy, you will work with a team of other researchers, think tanks and academia to undertake horizon scanning, trend analysis, literature reviews, expert interviews on specific futures focussed topics.

You are also expected to set up webinars on your topics with key thought leaders to generate drive knowledge and sharing across the network.

You will need to produce a think piece of up to 4 pages on your topic that will cover:

  • Analysis of current trends as its developing
  • Analysis of future signals of change
  • Potential opportunities and threats
  • Provocative questions and implications for the Red Cross and Red Crescent network

Your research and analysis will be fed into broader pieces of research and analysis and drive the baseline content for Strategy 2030.

Skills and competencies we are interested in:

Strong research skills
Scenario creators
Horizon scanning
An interest in future trends and emerging issues
Data analysts – both quantitative and qualitative
An interest in the future of humanitarian/development work and the role of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
Data visualizers and storytellers

You will receive